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When deciding what Health Plan carrier and plan design that is best for you carefully consider the following:

    • Is the potential carrier offering enough options for an educated decision
    • Is the network associated with the carrier expansive enough to cover all your needs, large network of physicians, hospitals and ancillary facilities.
    • Location of Providers/Hospitals
    • Check carrier website, using the Provider Search link, to see if your Doctor, Specialist and Hospital are part of their network.
    • If you have prescription needs, use the RX link ahead of time to see how your specific prescriptions are categorized. Generic, Brand Name, Formulary or Non-Formulary.
    • Your plan will only be as good as your Doctor. If your physician is aggressive, not intimidated by the managed care bureaucracy your plan will reflect his/her lead. If on the other hand… Remember, you can change your Primary Care Physician once a month. You need to notify the carrier Member Services department by the 15th of any month for a first of the following month effective date.